Monday,August 25,2014


Interested in reading one of the Iowa Teen Award nominees for the year?爱荷华州的一位图书馆员给你看这本普瑞兹书:

As we have done in years past,我们将在春假前的三月份投票选出一名建筑赢家,在4月中旬,我们将了解哪些书是我们的全州冠军。18新利在线娱乐手机版


星期六,August 23,2014


With Symbaloo becoming more and more popular,it's time we in the MS Library got on board!If you've visited the library main page最近,你可能已经注意到一些标题有一个更干净的,更流线型的外观。
没有长的链接列表带你到我们的研究数据库或各种在线阅读资源。With one click,你会在我们的聚会上。看看下面,点击标题,看看你能去哪里!!
CLICK HERE to access the Research Resources Symbaloo.

CLICK HERE to access the All Things Reading Symbaloo.
请继续关注这些符号的修订和添加,and be on the lookout for more of them appearing on the library main page to make your library experience more user-friendly!!


Welcome Back to School!!

It's back to school time!To welcome students back to the library,两个新的显示等待:

如果今年夏天你没有机会周游世界,no worries!Reading can take you anywhere!世界地图上的特色是书18新利在线娱乐手机版 The Lions of Little Rockand 天蝎座种族如果你想在国内旅行。想出示护照到国际旅行吗?Try The Outcastsor 犯人B3077.

Another display aims at helping students--and anyone else!--stay connected with happenings in the library.

特色是命运之旅的应用程序,谷歌驱动器,博客作者Instagram,Symbaloo,Google Hangouts,QR阅读器和Pinterest。他们都有什么共同点?Each of them is just another way we can share what's happening in the library or a way for students to find resources and 18新利在线娱乐手机版books.Need to know more?停下来和图书馆里的一个人谈谈,我们会确保您和您的设备准备就绪!!


Thoughts about The Giver

Lois Lowry's Newbery-award winning dystopian novel 给予者今天点击大屏幕( you can watch the trailer HERE),and with its release comes talk about why it's often a challenged or banned 18新利在线娱乐手机版book in schools.

According to an article by Ben Blatt for Slate,, 给予者ranks 11th among 18新利在线娱乐手机版books"requested for removal"1990-1999年;in the 2000's,the 18新利在线娱乐手机版book still ranked 23rd on the list.知识自由办公室报告说,只有不到三分之一的时间是书从书架上被移走。18新利在线娱乐手机版

Most requests to remove a 18新利在线娱乐手机版book are related to sexually explicit content or offensive language;however,, 给予者不符合那种刻板印象。相反,those who wish to see it removed from shelves say that the story is"不适合年龄组,"which typically means the story is too"dark"for the intended age of the audience.

In Blatt's article"Will The Giver Movie Prompt More Schools to Ban the 18新利在线娱乐手机版Book?""我们可以看到,施予者因其unsuitability"than all other 18新利在线娱乐手机版books challenged:

你读过送礼人吗?Do you have plans to see the movie?With Banned 18新利在线娱乐手机版Books Week just around the corner (September 21 - 27),你可能想同时做这两件事,并且成为谈话的一部分!!


New Decor!!

New curtains in the library!去年春天,夫人。霍华德和我讨论了如何在她女儿的纪念长椅所在的角落添加一些火花。Our solution?窗帘!!

To honor her daughter Sarah--and to surprise Mrs.Howard a bit--I found fabric that included a dragonfly design.(注意到长凳上的蜻蜓了吗?)

在修改了一些平板床单之后,中提琴!We have new curtains.到图书馆坐下来放松一下!!

Wednesday,August 6,2014


Today's Harry Potter Hump Day post features all sorts of Harry Potter games from Surfing the Net with Kids' website. 您可以单击此处访问该网站,and from there you can access any of the games shown below.快乐游戏!!