九月的最后一周意味着它是禁书周!18新利在线娱乐手机版Going strong for more than three decades,Banned 18新利在线娱乐手机版Books Week came about as a response to an increase in challenges and organized protests after a US Supreme Court case ruling stated that school officials cannot ban books in libraries just because of questionable content.Since that time,Banned 18新利在线娱乐手机版Book Week has become a celebration of the fact that in a majority of cases,有挑战性的书籍仍然对所18新利在线娱乐手机版有寻找它们的人开放。

美国图书馆协会每年都会追踪受到挑战和禁止的图书数量,18新利在线娱乐手机版and again this year,the ALA has put together the Top 10 Challenged 18新利在线娱乐手机版Book of 2017.

想看看2000年甚至更早的前十名名单吗?? 点击这里访问ALA的网站,列出书籍和挑战背后的原因。18新利在线娱乐手机版请记住,这些列表仅代表书籍挑战的一小部分。18新利在线娱乐手机版ALA报告说调查显示,有82-97%的图书挑战——有文件证明要求从学校或图书18新利在线娱乐手机版馆中删除材料——仍然没有报告,也没有收到任何媒体。”"

那么为什么书受到挑战呢18新利在线娱乐手机版?下面的信息图显示了各种原因。Often 18新利在线娱乐手机版books are challenged because of explicit language (profanity,性)或者因为被认为是不适当的由挑战者,如政治偏见或宗教信仰,LGBTQ问题,or violence.

Want to know more?Take a look at the video below,and visit the ALA's website devoted to Banned 18新利在线娱乐手机版Books Week.Feeling adventurous?Maybe even stop by the library to take a look at some of these challenged or banned 18新利在线娱乐手机版books!!

Friday,September 14,二千零一十八


It's that time of year again!是时候看一下我们的爱荷华儿童选择奖提名者和爱荷华青少年奖提名者18新利在线娱乐手机版的预告书预告片了。Click on the caption below the picture to access the live document;这就是你可以点击拖车链接的地方。享受!!
点击这里to access the trailers.
有足够的时间阅读这两类书籍中的两本;18新利在线娱乐手机版remember,to be eligible to vote in March,you need to have read at least two of the 18新利在线娱乐手机版books on the lists.快乐阅读!!

星期六,September 8,二千零一十八

Library Breakout!!

Students in Literacy Studies recently participated in a library-themed breakout activity inspired by a breakout from 断路器.
八月份,世界语言与文化教师Kristine Jimenez分享了她在DCG基金会中获得的材料,and after trying to revise an existing Breakout to fit our DCG Middle School library,她慷慨地提出帮我们学校写一篇突破性的文章。A BIG"谢谢“对夫人吉米内斯——她帮助我们准备好突破!!

接收链路,,Letter link,,待办事项清单link (not pictured),Toondo0(搜索在线目录toondoo“)

Based on the information students received in their packets or found around the library,they would have what they needed to open two different number combination locks,a padlock with key,a color-code combination lock,and a directional lock.

•  to share and work as a team
•  to work together & think critically about possible lock combinations
•  to problem solve should initial combinations not open locks


Finally,the big day arrived and once in teams,学生们开始工作。Without a doubt,这个活动是学生们在图书馆所做的最吸引人的事情之一!!

Several groups were able to break out (or specifically,break *in* to the boxes after determining all combinations for locks.小组成员总是很兴奋,and we often heard exclamations of"We did it!""

More Breakout activities to follow!With the success of our first time out,很可能我们会尝试像这样的身体突破!At least one digital Breakout is in the works,too,so stay tuned!!

星期日,September 2,二千零一十八

Circulation Overview

It was a great first week in the library!有那么多学生顺道来看看,几乎每个学生都在图书馆参加新的扫盲学习班。Here's a quick overview (thanks,卡瓦!)第一周: