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Wednesday,July 26,2017

1-Thing Wednesday: Pinterest 18新利在线娱乐手机版Book Recommendation Board

Occasionally during the year we take the time to highlight new 18新利在线娱乐手机版books or recommend old favorites using Pinterest.Both 18新利在线娱乐手机版book trailers and cover images of many books are there if you're looking for something to read!Want to take a look?You can access the board by clicking in the caption below.
CLICK HERE to access the Pinterest board.
Want to see something added that you think others would like to read onto the board?Let Mrs.Ellis know,and maybe you'll see it there!!

Wednesday,April 6,2016

DCG Middle School Library & Social Media

Social media is everywhere,so why not bring the MS Library along?If you haven't been following us on Instagram or on Snapchat or on Pinterest,now's the time to join us!!

The Instagram and Snapchat accounts feature pictures and videos of students,lessons,18新利在线娱乐手机版book talks,class activities,and all things library!Both can be found with the username DCGLibrariesand reflect happenings in our K - 7 libraries.

The Pinterest account is a board that features middle school 18新利在线娱乐手机版book recommendations and book trailers. CLICK HEREto access the board and visit often as it's updated regularly.

Wednesday,July 2,2014

Harry Potter,Pinterest,& Scholastic--A Great Combination!!

Pinteresthas become a great place to see and collect similar ideas,and Scholastichas several Pinterest boards related to specific 18新利在线娱乐手机版books and authors.

One of Scholastic's boards is called Harry Potter Reading Club,and when you visit,you can click on various images to watch videos;see pictures;and look at different activities like crossword puzzles,anagrams,和迷宫。

Fun reading and activities await!Want to see what Scholastic has to offer?? CLICK HEREto see their Harry Potter Reading Club Pinterest board.

Thursday,January 2,2014

New Displays

With the new year comes new library displays!Check it out!!

A similar display was on Pinterest--that's where the basic idea came from--but our version includes specific titles based on our most circulated titles.Recognize any??

Looking for Monopoly favorites like Go to Jail or Free Parking?We have those versions on our 18新利在线娱乐手机版Book-opoly,太!!
Interested in seeing the whole game board?Just stop by the library to check it out.

The second new display features winter or"snowy"titles,including the popular Trappedby Northrup and a new addition,, Dogs of Winterby Pyron:

Like the poster says,there's"snow"better time to stop by to check out a 18新利在线娱乐手机版book!!

Friday,March 15,2013

18新利在线娱乐手机版Book Recommendations on Pinterest

During the 12 Days of Christmas contest,clue #1 was"1 lovely Pinterest lady."Some of you figured out that I was the Pinterest lady,and now I'm using Pinterest as a place to recommend 18新利在线娱乐手机版books!Thanks to Alyssa Calhoun,The Wildcat Librarian,for the idea and many of her pins to pass along to you!!

So...are you looking for a 18新利在线娱乐手机版book to read and want a description to go along with it?Visit Mrs.Ellis's MS 18新利在线娱乐手机版Book Recommendation pageto see some options!!