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Recently 7th grade language arts teachers approached me about helping introduce a literature circle unit--could I recommend some titles for their project,我还想预订Talk中的任何一个吗?18新利在线娱乐手机版当然!让合作和计划开始吧!你说什么?

We put together a list of titles,and then made arrangements to 18新利在线娱乐手机版book talk them in the library.The Google presentation for the 18新利在线娱乐手机版book talks is below:

Students in Mrs.Reels' and Mrs.拉森的课结合了他们的会议时间来参加今天早些时候的读书会。18新利在线娱乐手机版


更新(周六,4月19日,2014年):在推特上发布了一张关于我们周五的LIT Circle图书谈话活动的图片后,18新利在线娱乐手机版南加州一家公共广播电台收到了!你说什么?

In a post featuring #TeacherTweets,KPCC包括这张图片:

Looks like others noticed!这是一种多么巧妙和意想不到的联系!你说什么?

星期二,April 8,2014年


The 7th grade language arts teachers have been working on a children's 18新利在线娱乐手机版book project related to their work with theme and moral.他们首先阅读一些儿童读物,如下面所示,来研究故事的结构,18新利在线娱乐手机版性格发展,and illustrations.

Language arts students then began drafting their own children's stories and planning their illustrations.当他们创作他们的书时,18新利在线娱乐手机版we teachers worked behind the scenes to arrange for them to share their original 18新利在线娱乐手机版books with Dallas Center Elementary students.In addition to reading and talking about their 18新利在线娱乐手机版books,7th graders would also have the opportunity to listen to the elementary students share their own writing or favorite children's 18新利在线娱乐手机版book.

Our visit today was a big success!The four morning classes shared their 18新利在线娱乐手机版books in a 5th grade class,a 3rd grade class,两个四年级班,一年级的学生。


Thursday,September 12,2013年

Busy Day on the Computers!你说什么?


在科学课上,students were using 辉橄榄岩to learn more about the Hubble telescope.Students read about how the telescope works and its history.

七年级学生在50个州中学习了更多。使用我们的 AEA在线数据库Trip Advisor,students gathered facts about their states and planned a trip that would include several attractions.

Thursday,January 31,2013年

Disease Brochure with 7th Grade Science

Students in Mr.杰斯佩林七年级的科学课正在努力制作一本小册子,介绍他们所选择的疾病的相关信息。学生们开始在谷歌文档公司学习小册子,然后从 MS Library Home Page ,从那里他们还可以访问引文生成网站,如EasyBib。One of the requirements is to include a print source as well,因此,学生们能够利用图书馆里的许多资源。
One table of the 18新利在线娱乐手机版books available to students;they had three tables to browse in all.
In third period,students work on the brochure and use Easy Bib.