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星期天,2019 12月29日,


一旦扫盲学习的学生有播客内容的基本认识 - 具体涉及到虚构的,评书播客一样火星Patel的无法解释的失踪--we provided students with options, opportunity, and time to explore a wide variety of both fiction and nonfiction podcasts.

Students had class time to listen to all/most/part of a podcast, and in preparation for a sharing out activity, they completed a Google Slide that included podcast information, a recommendation, and a visual retelling using emojis.

With their recommendation and visual retell Slides, students shared their podcast reactions with one another in a variety of ways, including rotating partner groups, small groups, and with the full class.


Finally, students also completed a Google Form that generated a full-class list of recommended podcasts to be shared on our library main page later. With one click from our library page, students will have access to student-recommended podcasts arranged by genre, all for their browsing and listening pleasure.

Friday, December 13, 2019


New for Literacy Studies students this year is a unit related to podcasts. Collaborating with Cathy Hines from Heartland Area Education Association allowed for several lessons relating to understanding what podcasts are and how they are different than other "reading" and listening students might already do, podcasts themselves, and retelling.
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当学生们听,他们的工作在哪里,他们不停地轨道的故事元素,如人物,情节和设置,以播客元素,如声音效果和音18新利在线娱乐手机版乐数字笔记本。使用“转,并与您的表队友”活动,学生们讨论的播客,并添加信息,他们的数字笔记本。18新利在线娱乐手机版订婚较高,学生们渴望继续听;事实上,许多问他们是否可以继续听火星帕特尔outside of class!

Students would continue to listen to火星帕特尔并转移到其他活动之前,在笔记本电18新利在线娱乐手机版脑上的另一个类的工作 - 敬请期待!